Last week we showed you the amazing models made by Years 3-6 in the Primary School for our History Competition. On Wednesday we announced the winners and presented them with their prizes.

The winners are listed below:

Third Place:
Y3M – Safiya Baradouskaya
Y3S -Matvei Kruten
Y4I – Ira Singh
Y4P – Anastasia Korolkova
Y5P – Amelia Shafikova
Y5T – Vera Armyach
Y6A – Hritvik Sharma
Y6R – Andrew Walton
Second Place:
Y3M – Eva Timing
Y3S – Thalia El Fadl
Y4I – Leonid Mikhaylov
Y4P – Michael Debs
Y5P – Varvara Syrbu
Y5T – Angelina Charalambous
Y6A – Antonis Aristocleous
Y6R – Konstantin Tolstikov
First Place:
Y3M – Artur Sakhabiev
Y3S – Angelo Aristocleous
Y4I – Rozalia Khachaturiants
Y4P – Michaela Zemanova
Y5P – Aniket Singh
Y5T – Bjorn Moberg
Y6A – Andreas Parides
Y6R – Aleksandrs Leonenko

Well done to all our children who took part, they all did an amazing job!


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