We Look Forward to Meeting You

Our admissions process is designed to spend time learning more about your child. And, to give you time to feel comfortable with our facilities, staff, and education style. If you have not already done so, please consider scheduling a visit. We would very much like to meet you and encourage you to tour our school and campus.

In the mean time, go ahead and fill out our application to get the process started! Otherwise, you can contact us through the info below:

Admissions and Recruitment, 24 Despinas Pattichi Str, 3071, Limassol
(+357) 25 337054

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Policies

For determining age in our Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten program is September 30th use the following

3 years old by Sept. 30th – considered for Pre-K3
4 years old by Sept. 30th – considered for Pre-K4
5 years old by Sept. 30th – considered for Kindergarten


for the Nursery, Primary and/or the Secondary school

Section 1: Child's Personal Details


Previous Academic School Attended

    (Please specify only the previous school the child has attended)


Siblings of the Child

    (Please specify if the child has any siblings)


Learning Support


Section 2: Child's Medical Details


Emergency Contact

  • I give permission to the American Academy (Private), to give emergency First Aid to my child as required and to seek medical help in the event of an accident of other circumstances arising during school hours, which may require urgent attention. I understand that the school will contact me/us as soon as practically possible. In case of an emergency at the school your child will automatically be taken to the General Hospital unless you state below that you wish your child to be taken to another clinic at your own expense.

Section 3: Parents / Guardian Information

    Full Name

  • Nationality

  • Place of Birth

  • Passport - ID Number

  • Occupation

  • Employers Name

  • Work Number Mobile Number

  • E-mail Address

  • We authorise the school to pass on our name, telephone, fax, email and business details for inclusion in the P.T.A. Business Directory, to be sent information and promotional material for Schools' events and services for communicational purposes. We authorise the school to pass on our child's personal information to official government departments. We accept that our child can participate in any promotional material for the School like advertising flyers, leaflets, brochures, videos and Internet marketing.


    I/We, the Parent/Guardian of

  • agree to: