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Library Facilities

Located on the first floor at the secondary school and in the middle of the school at the primary school, our libraries have plenty of space including areas for quiet study and reading, as well as computer access.

The libraries holds more than 5,000 books and resources, including fiction and non-fiction books. It also has a range of newspapers and magazines for students to read and a dedicated Careers section with information on local and international universities.

The American Academy library is a valuable resource for students from all year groups and it is the ideal place to come and study.

ICT Facilities

Computing lessons take place in these 3 rooms, which are also available for students to use in their own time after school hours under Teacher supervision. Students have ample storage space on their own network drive, as well as filtered safe high-speed broadband Internet access. Almost all classrooms throughout the school have networked ICT facilities.

Sports Facilities

The sports ground accommodates netball, football, tennis, volleyball and basketball. The hall can also be partitioned into two halves to host different groups or activities. Changing rooms with toilets are available.

School Gym

Our school gym is a vibrant hub of energy and activity, pulsating with the spirit of health and fitness. Nestled within the heart of our campus, its doors open to a world of exercise and camaraderie. The rhythmic beats of sneakers against the polished floor echo through the air as students engage in various physical pursuits, from intense workouts to friendly games. The gym is not just a place to break a sweat; it's a community where students come together to support each other's fitness goals and foster a sense of well-being. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and bathed in natural light, the gym provides a dynamic space that encourages both individual achievement and collective enthusiasm. It's not just a place for physical development; it's a haven for fostering a healthy and active lifestyle among our students.

Playground & Canteen

Large, playful and resourceful playgrounds with child safety protocols are in place in all of our buildings.

Theater for Performing Arts Facilities

The school theater (named after Dr. Yiota Demetriou) is utilised as a multipurpose drama and music production set aimed to provide the students with the opportunity to utilise.

Laboratory Rooms

The secondary school has three (3) laboratories all equipped with the suitable equipment for each subject aimed at making science enjoyable as well as providing an appropriate learning environment for the students. Lab coats and goggles are provided.