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The Private Institute of the American Academy in Limassol has been operating successfully as a Foreign Language Centre since 1986, offering high quality tuition to students of all age groups and all backgrounds.  The Institute’s high standards, the modern teaching methods, the small number of students in each class and the competence of our teaching staff justify the excellent examination results every year.

The Institute also offers special “Homework Classes” that cater to the needs of pupils who have difficulties doing their homework at home.  The children are taught how to study efficiently, productively and how to focus properly in order to enhance their concentration.  This eventually leads to autonomy where the children are able to overcome any potential difficulties in any subject when doing their schoolwork on their own at home.

Tutoring is between the hours of 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Students attend lessons at least twice a week.



  • English – Beginners and Advanced
  • English – All Levels
  • English for adults
  • Greek for adults
  • Modern Greek ‘IGCSE’ and ‘A’ level
  • Mathematics – All levels
  • Russian
  • Special Homework classes
  • Fine Art
  • Physical Education – GCSE, AS and A level


  1. Which is the right age for a child to start learning English as a second language?
    Normally at the age of 7 depending on the maturity of the child and the family background.
  2. How many students in each class?
    Usually not exceeding the number of 8.
  3. Do you offer lessons one-to-one?
    Teacher-to-pupil lessons are endorsed as a more effective way of teaching as the instructor can focus on the weaknesses the student is facing.
  4. Do you offer evening lessons for working people?
    Yes, for language subjects are specially scheduled to fit in the busy routines for people that are busy during the day


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