Our Counselling and Careers service is to help students cope with personal, social, academic and vocational concerns.  Counselling involves the skills of listening, supporting and helping the student, in order to clarify difficulties and to help him/her to identify their own personal resources and to utilise such resources in achieving personal goals.

The School Counsellor and the Careers Advisor do not make decisions for the students or impose opinions. They collaborate closely with the management team and the teachers of the school, the parents as well as with other professional practitioners in order to meet the students’ needs. Students, who may benefit from closer monitoring, may be allocated a mentor who will liaise with the Counsellor, the Head of Year and Head of Pastoral Team.

Career Guidance

We are committed to providing careers education and guidance to all students and recognise their need
for high quality advice and impartial guidance to help them make informed choices. Our policy is to ensure that students pursue relevant and realistic goals for education, training and work, which are based on high aspiration and expectations of success. Our aim is:

  • To prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life through an understanding of themselves and their capabilities.
  • To enable students to develop skills, attitudes and abilities which will enable them to be effective in a variety of adult occupations and roles.
  • To help students develop career awareness and enable to manage personal career development.
  • To enable students to investigate careers and opportunities through up to date careers information.
  • To equip students with knowledge of the changing vision of work and its challenges especially the changes in labour market conditions.
  • To recognise life long learning and continuous training will be a part of their work life.
  • To provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed choices.
  • To enable students to gain employment experience (work experience programme for Class 4 secondary school).
  • To enable students to manage transition in their lives –school to higher education, further education, training or work.

All our students are entitled to careers education and guidance which is:

  • Provided to help them at decision points in their education (option choices, university selection, career pathways).
  • Supportive to them when applying to Higher Education.
  • Based on a partnership with young people and their parents.
  • Based on the principles of equal opportunities.
  • Based on up to date materials and current trends.
  • Impartial and recognises the individuals needs.
  • Confidential and respects personal information disclosed by any individual.