American Academy Athletic School offers students from around the world and Cyprus the opportunity to grow and develop their individual skills in their chosen sport. We prepare our students to take on the challenge of achieving their potential athletically and academically. Our Athletes get the opportunity to train on the best facilities available.


  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo

This innovative program is designed in collaboration with experienced academics and sports specialists.

The main aims are as follows:

  1. To assist students in optimize the “healthy mind in a healthy body” philosophy.
  2. To combine the prospects for achieving academic and athletic ambitions for each individual student.
  3. To develop the potential of talent utilization, fair play, and teamwork.
  4. To help children be able to take quick and right decisions, taking into account their future plans.


  1. During the first two school periods students will have the opportunity to train in sports facilities and if possible with their coaches, depending on the sport that interests them.
  2. The school will offer free breakfast prepared by a nutrition specialist
  3. Students will participate in the school’s academic program until 13:50.
  4. Students will be offered lunch option.
  5. The academic studies will be completed during two afternoon periods, on a daily basis. (Completion of the curriculum, individual assistance, lessons for External Exams and the Pancyprian exams).
  6. Students will be able to prepare the External Examinations at GCE and A-Level, if they so wish. This will be added to their School Leaving Certificate, recognized by the Ministry of Education and all international Universities.

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