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drama lessons

December 06,2021

Our drama lessons, where students learn how to act on stage, through rigorous activities, which not only promote team work, but also focus on building confidence and critical thinking on a individual basis. ‘Freeze frame’ and ‘hot seating’ are activities which allow our students freedom of expression in an enjoyable and educational way.     […]

Water Competition

December 06,2021

Ahead of participation in the Water Competition, in February 2022 in Stockholm, our Class 4, 5 and 6 students had the honour of meeting and discussing their projects with a member of the committee, PhD Marlene Vasious, at TEPAK University. They asked questions and suggestions were given on how to improve the prototype water models […]

American Academy vs Heritage

November 18,2021

1st football match, American Academy vs Heritage, in the interschool secondary league. Victory for American Academy (6-1)! Well played to our team…we are so proud of you   Contact us

Environmental Day

November 18,2021

Environmental Day at our primary school! Children had the chance to hear Ms Alexandrou and Mr Kargakis from BirdLife Cyprus and Mr Costas from the Department of Forests. Our students learnt about birds in Cyprus and ways to protect our Forests. They even had the chance to adopt a flamingo. All children planted seeds using […]

Primary school online parent teacher meeting

November 04,2021

Thank you to all our parents for participating in our online parent teacher meeting.   Contact us

Happy Halloween

November 01,2021

Thank you to all students and staff who arranged, helped, participated and attended our 2021 Halloween Party   Contact us   https://angelsnestpreschool.ac.cy/happy-halloween/