School governors are the leaders of the school and have a significant role in assuring every child receives the most exceptional education possible.

The governing body has many administration duties and decisions all which are based on: agreeing the values and aims of the school; agreeing the school’s policies; holding the main responsibility for finance and making decisions about balancing of resources; and agreeing school targets, how they are to be achieved and then monitoring progress towards their achievement.

Governors meet twice per term as the full Governing Body. The Governing Body also has a Resources Committee and a Quality Committee, which meet twice per term to support its work.
The Governing Body includes parents (elected by parents at the school), a staff member (elected by staff), a local counselor and members of the local community (appointed by the governing body), as well as the head teacher.

The Governors Are:

  • Mr. George Bargilis
  • Mr. Andreas Efstathiou
  • Mr. Andreas Georgiades
  • Dr. Eleni Rossidou

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