andreas efstathiouDear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to the webpage of the American Academy secondary school. Our secondary school is an international, co-educational school that welcomes pupils from all backgrounds and all abilities.

Our aim is to provide quality education in a caring environment by offering a well balanced education based upon a modified English National Curriculum while encouraging the development of the full potential and personality of our students.

When asked what makes me proud of the American Academy, I usually make a point of expressing my great satisfaction in the camaraderie and the strong student- teacher bond that has developed here. This camaraderie emanates from every corner, corridor and classroom of the school.

Indeed, it is this camaraderie that makes us what we are today: a caring, successful, lively, energetic and forward-thinking educational institution, constantly striving to provide a suitable environment where young talent is nurtured, cultural diversity is appreciated and everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be.

Andreas Efstathiou MSc, MEd, BA(Hon)

Executive Principal for Secondary Education

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